9Cat Saga

The 9Cat Saga is an upcoming Sci-Fi web3 game set in the deep space of the 9Metaverse.

You play as 9Cat, a cute space adventuring cat as it tries to find the source of a mysterious space virus that is wreaking chaos across the cosmos and putting a stop to it!

Meet new friends, explore different planets, collect rare and unique gear, and fight your way through hordes of aliens to save the 9Metaverse from impending doom!

The 9Cat Saga is available on PC and MAC with plans set for iOS and Android releases in late 2023.

It is a Free to Play - Pay to Earn game that incorporates the Ethereum and Polygon networks and is built using Unity by a dedicated team of Game lovers out of Hong Kong!

The Special Edition 9Cat Christmas Emote NFT, which lives on the Polygon chain, grants players access to ‘Let it Snow’ emote in the 9Cat Saga game. Spread some Christmas cheer and boost your group’s morale when fighting for the survival of the 9Metaverse with this cute and lovable animated emote! Players who hold the NFT can view the emote by opening their Emote Wheel in-game!