How can kids safely experience Web3?

Our new Sandbox Experience provide a safe learning environment for kids to become proactive Creators on the metaverse, starting from STEAM education!

Make Your Own Ukulele

Assemble your real ukulele using AR and then learn to play it through playing a game, the Maker Ukulele Set provides kids with hours of fun and music education. They can also personalize their ukulele with the acrylic paint included.

A Fun Appraoch to Music Learning

Learn to play with any guitar or ukulele you have just by playing a game!

Limited Editions of Maker Ukulele Set

Ever thought a DIY set can bring you into the amazing world of Web3? We have partnered with 3 NFT projects from Hong Kong to bring you an exclusive special edition of our Maker Ukulele Set which will include a NFT that allows you to further explore the world of their creators as well as exclusive perks from Chord Hero!

Shipping Included

Play To Learn

Affordably Explore Music
Explore your musical interest affordably

Bringing Music Learning Further

Mental Health

Music is scientifically proven to help with our mental health. With this in mind, we are working with professionals in mental health to bring the benefits of music to those in need.



The metaverse is here and we are bringing music education to it! For educators looking for a project to let students and parents experience the metaverse, we've got you covered!

Special Education Needs

It is often difficult to find activities for SEN children, but Maker Ukulele Set had shown to have impactful results with SEN children.