Assemble your ukulele and
learn to play it with friends online!

For limited time only, packages start at $340 HKD

Maker Ukulele Party

Packages start at:

$690 HKD*


  • Maker Ukulele Set
  • 2 assembly lessons
  • 1 music lesson
  • 1 month access to Monster Chords
    (Available on iOS only)



* Includes shipping

By the end of the event attendees will:

  • Receive the Maker Ukulele Set in the mail.
  • Assemble your new ukulele using the Chord Hero Maker Ukulele Set during the session.
  • Learn to play the ukulele.**
  • Get access to Monster Chords to practice chords by playing a fun video game!*

*Only available iOS
**Level of depth in music will depend on how many music classes is chosen.