CHORDHERO makes learning music both fun and affordable with a range of physical and digital products. CHORDHERO brings the benefits of music to the masses, especially to the budget-conscious and those discouraged by the tedious and repetitive nature of music learning.

One of our products is the Maker Ukulele Set, an Education Alliance Finland certified product including a DIY real instrument that children can assemble and freely decorate, as well as the music-learning mobile game ChordVentures. The Maker Ukulele Set is a perfect maker education set for educators, schools, makerspaces, or parents to teach kids the science behind building a musical instrument.

Awards And Certifications

"CHORDHERO is an exemplary alumni of xEdu Edtech Accelerator. We have chosen them into the program for their amazing pedagogical innovation Maker Ukulele Set, that not only teaches music, but expands to arts, crafts, physics and other school subjects, which makes it an excellent object for phenomenal learning. It also makes a wonderful gift to anybody, whether they know how to play ukulele or not."

Anna Dementyeva
xEdu Program Director

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