Maker Ukulele Set


The Perfect Maker Education Set 

The Maker Ukulele Set is the perfect maker education product of the year! With the Maker Ukulele Set, kids build and design on their own ukulele before learning to play it through playing a game.  

The set comes with easy to understand pictorial instructions to help make assembly easy for kids. In building the ukulele, kids gain insight into the process that takes place in the assembly of a ukulele as well as the science behind it.


Encourage Creativity

The Maker Ukulele Set comes with a 6-color watercolour palette and a paintbrush so kids can quickly begin personalising their own ukulele. The ukulele body and neck comes undercoated with grain filler, making it suitable for painting.  While the wood are all sanded and smoothed, a sandpaper is included to allow kids to touch-up the wood themselves or if they would like to create patterns prior to painting.

Great Affordable Start Into Music

The fun transfers from the makerspace to the music space after completing the ukulele. The set come with a full version of Monster Chords (over $20 USD value) to help kids learn and practice their ukulele skills.