Learn By Playing

ChordVentures is an iPhone and iPad game that kids play using a guitar. By strumming the right chords at the correct time, children learn how to play guitar chords in this fun game.

Real-Time Chord Detection

ChordVentures does not require a special guitar or hardware to connect with your mobile device - simply launch the app and strum your guitar. The heart of ChordVentures is a polyphonic detection and analytics system developed and licensed by Uberchord Engineering. The Uberchord technology provides real-time processing of any chords played, filtering out surrounding noises and sifting through multiple layers of harmonics.

Animated Tutorials

ChordVentures teaches kids to play guitar. The game includes a broad selection of animations to guide beginners on all kinds of guitar topics - from how to correctly hold a guitar, to playing advanced chords.

Being the companion app to Chord Hero, ChordVentures has animations that match the colours of the strings on your Chord Hero Strummer making guitar learning even easier!

Play Together On The Big Screen

Games are more fun when played with friends. ChordVentures supports AirPlay, a feature that allows wireless streaming to a big screen using Apple TV. Friends and families can learn and play guitar together and compete with each other.