The COVID-19 pandemic has forced schools to close and entire communities to remain at home. Parents are increasingly concerned about the education of their kids. While there are many e-learning videos on a huge variety of subjects, these e-learning videos tend to be passive experiences without interaction with real educators.


Chord Hero Virtual Classes give your kids the benefit of live class on music learning conducted by real educators in real time. Your children will build and personalize their own ukulele, familiarize themselves with the instrument, and learn how to play it under the guidance of professional teachers.  

Courses are available globally with shipping included!
Lessons will be conducted in English.

Parents may choose their preferred course dates and times after sign-up.

Introductory Ukulele Course - Instrument + 11 Lessons

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Introductory Ukulele Course

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A beginner's course to learning to play the ukulele, starting with the assembly and personalization of your children's very own ukulele!


By completing this course your children will:

- Assemble their new ukulele using the Maker Ukulele Set

- Practice environmentalism through assembling their own ukulele stand using the ukulele packaging!

- Personalize their ukulele!

- Be familiar with their ukulele

- Understand how the fretboard works

- Read tablature and standard notations

- Distinguish between different types of rhythm patterns

- Play various strumming and plucking techniques

- Practice chords by playing a fun video game!

- Play all major and minor chords and transitions

- Play at least 5 well known classics for beginners

- Play chord progressions




Course Details:

Age Group: 9+

One-Time Fee: $110 USD

Course Includes:

- One Maker Ukulele Set ($45 USD value)

- 11 Live Online Courses in groups of 20 (Less than $6 USD per lesson!)

- Classes will be held daily on weekdays

Course Outline:

Lesson 1: Assembling Your Ukulele

Lesson 2: Know Your Ukulele

Lesson 3: Reading Music

Lesson 4: Playing Ukulele

Lesson 5: Chords Transition

Lesson 6: More On Strumming

Lesson 7: More Chords

Lesson 8: Minor Chords

Lesson 9: Waltz Time 3/4

Lesson 10: Right Hand Techniques

Lesson 11: Reading Standard Music Notation

The Maker Ukulele Set is the perfect STEAM education and maker product! With the Maker Ukulele Set, kids build and design on their own ukulele before learning to play it through playing a game.  

The set comes with easy to understand pictorial instructions to help make assembly easy for kids. In building the ukulele, kids gain insight into the process that takes place in the assembly of a ukulele as well as the science behind it.

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