Slashy Chords

Protect the world with your guitar!

Protect the world of HARMONY from the monstrous hordes of DISSONANCE with the power of MUSIC! Play a REAL GUITAR or STRUM a screen guitar to defeat the forces of discord!

There is a world woven from music, whose very air stirs alive with melody: Harmony. Beautiful and wondrous is this world, yet its very existence is imperiled as monsters of dissonance have come to conquer and engulf everything in noise and cacophony. A lonely hero, armed only with a guitar and his courage, fights a desperate battle to save the world from this dissonant horde.

Strum Chords, Slay Monsters!

Unlockables And Customization!

Screen Guitar Mode

Guide the hero with your guitar! Play chords successfully to pulverize monsters with a powerful crescendo!

Throughout your journey, you'll find equipment, weapons, and more playable chords to enhance and customize your hero with!

Don't have a guitar? No problem! Screen Guitar Mode allows you to input chords with your fingers!

A Game That Uses Real Guitars!

A Fun Way To Learn Chords!

Progressively Challenging Levels!

Use a real guitar. You don't need cables to make it work as the game detects guitar chords through your device's microphone!

What's a better way to learn or memorize chords and practice your guitar skills than through a very enjoyable game?

Level after level, it gets harder, putting your guitar skills to the test!