Maker Ukulele Course - Instrument + 12 Lessons

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A beginner's course to learning to play the ukulele, starting with the assembly and personalization of your children's very own ukulele!

By completing this course your children will be able to: 

  • Assemble their new ukulele using the Maker Ukulele Set
  • Practice environmentalism through assembling their own ukulele stand using the ukulele packaging!
  • Personalize their ukulele!
  • Be familiar with their ukulele
  • Understand how the fretboard works
  • Read tablature and standard notations
  • Distinguish between different types of rhythm patterns
  • Play various strumming and plucking techniques
  • Play all major and minor chords and transitions
  • Play over 5 well-known classics for beginners
  • Play chord progressions
  • Practice chords by playing a fun video game!

*Classes will be held every other day on weekdays.