Maker Ukulele Set

A kit that lets anyone assemble their own ukulele using augmented reality (AR) and decorate it using the included acrylic paint, making every instrument a unique personal creation.


A Bundle of Education


Building and personalizing the ukulele leads to emotional attachment and greater interest in learning to play.

Gamified Music Learning

Includes a one-month access to ChordVentures, the mobile game that teaches how to play ukulele and guitar.

Engaging Instructions
in AR

Animated instructions in AR ensures assembly project is encouraging and successful. Supports multiple languages.

Hands-On Environmentalism

Fight climate change with each ukulele through tree adoption and guides to reuse our packaging included with each set.

Certified By Education Professionals

The Maker Ukulele Set is certified by the Education Alliance Finland, a Finnish certification scheme validated by researchers at Helsinki University. The Education Alliance Finland reviews EdTech products to assess pedagogical value, learning engagement, and 21st-century skills in accordance with the world-renowned Finnish education model for efficient and child-centered learning.

The Set has also been selected twice as a finalist as the GESS Education Awards under the category of -
Best Product to Promote Arts, Music and Drama in the Classroom.

What's Included?

A Canvas Like No Other

The ukulele is uniquely designed to be made entirely of light colored wood, so each ukulele assemble is a canvas for self-expression from top to bottom.

AR Instructions App

Instructions to contrust your own ukulele and to turn our packaging into a usable ukulele stand through our AR app.

EcoMatcher Code

Each set comes with a code accessible online to claim your very own adopted tree from EcoMatcher in return for your adoption.

Play To Learn

Each set includes one-month access to ChordVentures, a mobile game that teaches how to play the ukulele.

All The Tools You Need

From paper ruler to paintbrush, the set comes with everything you need to assemble and personalize your ukulele.

Best Quality

Despite being a project anyone aged 9 and up can do, the ukulele does not sacrifice sound quality for education and affordability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can kids build it themselves?

Yes. The process mainly involves tightening screws and gluing pieces together, which makes the project simple and safe for kids to do on their own.

How much time is needed to assemble the ukulele?

While the process of assembly can be completed within an hour, the glue will require at least an hour to dry. However, for best results, we do reccommend allowing the glue to dry throughly overnight.

Are all tools included?

Other than a pair of scissors for opening the glue bottle and a pencil for measurment markings,
all other tools and parts necessary for the project are included.

What age group is it appropriate for?

The project is recommended for all audiences age 9 and up.


"From pedagogical point of view this is great as it extends the learning experience form only music into arts, handicrafts, and engineering."


Olli Vallo
Education Alliance, Finland

"The Maker Ukulele Set is an innovative educational resource. It promotes motor development, social development and cognitive development.


Jacqueline Leung,
Registered Music Therapist
Hong Kong

"The product was really spectacular! The students learned a lot! They had a blast!"


Jennifer Rickert,
Music Teacher
Lakeview High, IL