Strummer Guitar Set

$ 199.00 USD

Meet The Strummer

Chord Hero Strummer is a 36-inch steel-string acoustic guitar in a mid-range size suitable for both children and adults. With a built-in pickup, 3-band equalizer, and output jack, this guitar is ready for everything from casual jamming to music recording or live performances.


The Chord Hero Strummer has a body made of mahogany and spruce wood for a clear, high-quality sound.

A Highly Affordable Way To Start Learning The Guitar

The Strummer comes included with a 1-Month access to ChordVentures. The game teaches playing the guitar or the ukulele in real-time through gamification. After 1-month, a subscription to ChordVentures would only be 1.99 US per month! 

The strings of the Strummer are color-coded to match the tutorials provided in the companion app ChordVentures, making it even easier for beginners to learn to play at their own pace.

Unique Selection of Colors Available

Chord Hero Strummer is available in 2 attractive glossy colors:

  • Volcano Red 
  • Sky Blue 

Personalize your learning with accessories perfect for beginners

Chord Hero Strummer comes with accessories for beginners, including a carrying strap, a pair of guitar picks, and finger protectors that help ease beginners into guitar playing. 


The guitar comes with a pack of 12 glitter pens to express your creativity and individually by personalizing your guitar! If you mess up, simply wipe the guitar with a wet cloth and start again!

Strummer Guitar Set

$ 199.00 USD
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