Chord Hero makes music fun and affordable

Low-cost guitar and innovative mobile app “Monster Chords” bring music within reach of more families

3 November, 2016


Outblaze Ideas announces Chord Hero (, an initiative to make learning music both fun and affordable. The first phase of Chord Hero has two components:  Chord Hero Strummer is a good quality, low-cost 36-inch steel-string acoustic guitar; Monster Chords is a mobile game for iPhone® and iPad® that teaches guitar playing and provides real-time feedback to the player. Chord Hero Strummer is available online starting from US$ 59 plus shipping. Monster Chords is available on the App Store℠ by subscription (US$ 1.99/month).

The benefits of music learning for children are well-documented - for example, music learning is associated with improved academic performance, self-confidence, and concentration. However, learning to play an instrument is difficult, music practice is long and tedious, and music lessons can be expensive.

Chord Hero sets out to minimize these obstacles to music learning. The first phase of the project offers a good quality, low-cost guitar called Chord Hero Strummer and its companion mobile app Monster Chords (sold separately), which together make learning guitar easy and fun.

“Good quality musical instruments and music lessons exceed the budget of many families. Despite the many benefits of music for children, it can be hard to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars in something your child may abandon after a short time,” said Yat Siu, founder and CEO of Outblaze.

He continued: “We set up Chord Hero to reduce obstacles to learning music, and in the first phase we offer an affordable, good quality guitar and the companion mobile app Monster Chords, which together transform learning the guitar into a fun and rewarding experience.”

Monster Chords: mobile game teaches guitar by focusing on fun

The companion app Monster Chords is an engaging game for iPhone and iPad that teaches the fundamentals of guitar playing. It utilizes chord-recognition technology by Uberchord to provide real-time feedback: children follow instructions to strum chords on the guitar and the app determines the accuracy of their playing. Game progression is based on playing the indicated chords accurately and using correct technique.

Monster Chords transforms boring music lessons and tedious music practice into a fun game that lets children learn and practice at their own pace. Monster Chords is available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad (subscription price: US$ 1.99 monthly).



Chord Hero Strummer: a fun, good quality guitar for $59

Chord Hero Strummer is a 36-inch steel-string acoustic guitar made of mahogany and spruce, with a 20-fret rosewood fingerboard and bridge. It has a colourful custom string job ideal for children and beginners, a pickup, 3-band equalizer, and output jack to connect the guitar to an amp. Its size is suitable for both children and adults.

Chord Hero Strummer is available in a range of attractive colors and comes with a carrying strap, finger protectors, guitar picks, and a 12-pack of glitter pens to allow kids to express their creativity and individuality by drawing on the guitar. Also included is a 3-month subscription (worth over US$ 20) to Chordify, the online service that provides chords and tablature for your favourite songs (see

With a clear and vibrant sound normally found in guitars costing three or four times as much, Chord Hero Strummer is the perfect choice for a first guitar or back-up instrument.

Affordably priced starting from US$ 59 (plus shipping; local taxes may apply), Chord Hero Strummer is well-suited to budget-conscious parents who want to give their children the benefits of music. Purchase online at

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NOTE: an earlier version of this announcement incorrectly stated that the Chord Hero Strummer includes a chromatic tuner.

Notes to Editors

About Chord Hero

The purpose of Chord Hero is to make music learning a fun and affordable experience. Chord Hero is a project that aims to bring the benefits of music to more people, especially the budget-conscious and those discouraged by the tedious and repetitive nature of music learning. In the first phase of the project, Chord Hero offers an attractive, good quality, low-cost steel-string acoustic guitar (Chord Hero Strummer) and a companion app that gamifies music lessons (Monster Chords). Learn more at or visit us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

About Outblaze Ideas

Outblaze Ideas is the innovation and ideation division of Outblaze, a pioneering technology company founded in 1998 that operates in a variety of business sectors including video gaming, mobile software development, cloud technology, and edutainment. Learn more at

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