Maker Ukulele Set

$ 67.77 USD


Maker Ukulele Set

A kit that lets anyone assemble their own ukulele using augmented reality (AR) and decorate it using the included acrylic paint, making every instrument a unique personal creation.


Maker Ukulele Set

$ 67.77 USD

Creativity x Personalization

The Maker Ukulele Set encourages personalization of the instrument through its light colored wood for most parts of the ukulele.  This allows users to easily create personalized designs of their ukulele, each reflecting the style, interests, and personality of its user.

Newly Assembled

From beginning to finish, the Maker Ukulele Set offers users different ways to make learning the ukulele a fun and unique experience while keeping it highly beneficial.

A Canvas for Music

With over 90% of the ukulele's surface being made of light coloured wood, the entire ukulele becomes a canvas for creativity and personalization, allowing a greater freedom for expression.

Gamified Ukulele Learning

The Maker Ukulele Set includes 1-month of free access to ChordVentures, a music learning game that helps users learn to play the guitar or the ukulele with feedback in real-time. From tuning to learning the different chords on their instruments, users will be surrounded by the fun of game while forgetting the tediousness of traditional music learning. Gamified learning is scientifically proven to help with the learning process.  By learning to play the ukulele through gamification, Chord Hero helps users speed up the time it takes for users to truly know how to play their instrument.

Learn to Build Using AR 

To make the assembly process more engaging, the Maker Ukulele Set comes with a free AR app which provides users with 2D and 3D instructions to help ensure everyone can confidently assemble their very own ukulele.

All Inclusive Set

The Maker Ukulele Set includes everything from glue to screwdrivers and paint. You'll have all the tools you need to assemble your own ukulele. No additional tools required.

Help Develop Fine Motor Skills

The Maker Ukulele Set provides users with a hands-on project that helps develop fine motor skills.  No matter if you're young or old, the development of fine motor skills is essential.

Globally Recognized

Maker Ukulele Set

$ 67.77 USD

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